Student Body

RVIST Student Body – Union, Clubs and Societies

Our institute has enrolled students countrywide and students enjoy the diversity that is in Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology.

You can get involved with the Students’ Union and make your life whilst at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology – RVIST a lot more enjoyable.

RVIST’s Student Union is a place to meet friends, take time out, get help, advice, and socialize.
The Students’ Union can truly help you enjoy life away from your studies, with more opportunities than you’ll ever believe.
You could get involved in sport, Clubs and Societies – opportunities at RVIST’s Student Union are endless!

Joining a society or club at RVIST Students’ Union will expand your friendship networks, help you grow in confidence and guarantee that your time in RVIST is unforgettable.
There are many clubs and societies to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone

Get in touch with the respective chairperson for information on how to join a club or society.
We appreciate the entire student body for the corporation they have within their Classes,  within their Clubs, within the Institute and outside the institute.

RVIST Athletics
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RVIST Hand ball Club RVIST Music and Drama Clubs
RVIST Taekwondo Club RVIST Red Cross Society
RVIST Wildlife Club RVIST Rovers Scouts
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