Following the circuar from the ministry of education dated 30/09/2020, we wish to notify candidates as follows.
Click on KNEC PAST PAPERS, choose the course you are undertaking and access KNEC past papers   Students who wish to proceed on attachment are advised to download attachment form and fill in the necessary details.   Click here to download the Term One 2020 Exam Timetable   NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC This is to inform the public that there is a message circulating in the social media claiming to be from RVIST. The Institute is hereby stating that it is not an official communication from the Institute. Please seek correct information from the Institute   RVIST 14th Graduation Ceremony ON 24TH OCTOBER 2019 The Principal, Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVIST), on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, Staff and Students wishes to inform all graduands who have qualified for Artisan, Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma awards that the 2019 Graduation Ceremony will be held on 24th October 2019. Venue and Time The Graduation will be held at the Main Campus Graduation Square from 9.00am. Fees Graduands are advised that it is mandatory to settle their financial obligations.   Academic Records and Registration Graduands will be required to verify the correctness of their names and other course details with their respective Heads of Departments. Graduands are also required to register at the office of the Registrar at Main Campus. Graduation Gowns Graduands are expected to be in full academic attire for the graduation ceremony. Graduation gowns will be available for collection from the Central Stores Office upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh.2,000.00.   FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT THE PRINCIPAL RIFT VALLEY INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY P.O BOX 7182 NAKURU TEL: 0720 66 82 38 Email: or Website:     Notice from the Kenya National Examinations Council ~ KNEC   Click here for the RVIST TENDERS FY 2018-2019           FINAL RE-ADMISSION NOTICE   RESUMPTION OF CLASSES RESUMPTION OF 1ST TERM 2017 CLASSES Below is a memo to all continuing students on the Resumption Dates and Requirements for 1st Term 2017 Classes     RVIST Leads in TVET Institutions Web Rankings   Congratulations to the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVIST) for being Ranked 59th in Kenya’s Universities and Colleges and 1st in ALL Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) Institutions according to the Webometric Ranking of World Universities. RVIST is followed by RVTTI in the rankings. This ranking is majorly based on the Impact, Presence, Openness and Excellence of an Institution’s Website. Other considerations looked into for ranking include search engine, display, website errors, area information and Lead generation. University of Nairobi emerged as the top ranked University in Kenya followed by Egerton University. Other TVET Institutions ranked included Kenya Technical Training College – KTTC, Kiambu Institute of Technology – KIST and Technical Training Institute of Mombasa. For more details and a complete list of the rankings, please visit the Webometrics   CLOSURE OF INSTITUTE Following students disturbance and destruction of students and institute’s property on Tuesday 21st February 2017, the management informs all the students that the institute has been closed indefinitely. The Board of Management will give appropriate direction on the issue. The students are requested to stay away from the college until further communication. However, all boarders are required to collect their belongings on Wednesday 22nd February, 2017 at 10:00 AM Prompt. c       DELTA-RVIST PARTNERSHIP We are happy to receive and host our Partners from DELTA College, USA. They are here to sign/ Renew the Partnership Agreement for the year 2015/2016. Thank you DELTA for your continued Support and Partnership. God Bless!   RVIST 2017 GRADUATION CEREMONY ANNOUNCEMENT
The Chief Principal,Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, Staff, Students and the entire RVIST Community is extremely proud of all 2017 Graduands. Many will go on to achieve great things, nationally and across the globe, in areas as diverse as Agriculture, Building and Construction, Business, Hospitality, ICT, Electrical and Electronics, Health and Applied Sciences to name but a few. Hundreds of our graduands have volunteered in the community, supporting local schools and transforming lives. Their dedication and hard work is to be commended.  

Congratulations and God Bless you All on this Milestone and in your future endeavors!

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