Head of Department

Alfred Korir

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department offers students the opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to produce solutions in the Digital Technologies fields that continue to be in high demand on the job market. The ICT Department is staffed by a dynamic and forward-thinking group of lectures and support staff  It has undergone substantial change in recent years, making the transition from Computer Studies to ICT  at almost every level in order to cater for modern demands.

In an evolving technological world, there is no doubt that the importance of Computing and ICT skills will continue to grow in the years to come. RVIST prepares students for the future by instilling the fundamental technical skills required to thrive in the modern workplace

The Department has been posting exemplary results in National Exams attaining an overall pass rate of above 80% in national exams in the last two years. There are 5 well equipped computer Laboratories with an average of 20 computers per lab. There are Digital Projectors and the Internet facility is available 24/7 to act as alternate academic resource facility for both Lecturers and students. The department currently has a population of 380 students distributed across various Diploma and Certificate programs.

The ICT Department participated fully in the  laying down of fiber optic backbone in the whole institute. Currently, All the Academic Departments and the Administrative offices can access the internet. We have plans to integrate the VOIP Technology in order to boost inter-Departmental communication.

Our courses allow students to follow different pathways and cover areas such as digital information and information management, computer studies, programming, networking and computer applications. ICT and project management skills are transferrable and always useful in any job, area of study or career. Students are encouraged to develop independence, innovation, enterprise and enquiry and enjoy the opportunity to be creative and engaged in producing their own solutions.

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Alfred Korir

HOD ICT Department- Email; hodict@rvist.ac.ke

Courses Offered in Information Communication Technology (ICT) Department;

1International Computer Driving License (ICDL)2 monthsJanuary / May
3Craft in Information Studies Module 1 & 11 (.Library)2 terms per ModuleJanuary / May
4Diploma in Information Studies7 termsMay
5Diploma in Computer Studies7 termsMay
6Diploma in Information Communication Technology (ICT) Module 1, 11 & 1112 Terms per ModuleJanuary/ September
7Diploma in Information Communication Technology (ICT) Module 11 & 1112 Terms  per ModuleJanuary/ May
8Craft in Information Technology (CIT) Module I & II2 Terms per ModuleJanuary / May
9Computer Packages1 monthJanuary – December
10CISCO1 MonthJanuary – December

Please apply to:

The Chief Principal RVIST P O BOX 7182 NAKURU, enclosing copies of ID card, Birth Certificate, academic certificates(Result Slip / leaving certificate)  and non refundable fee of Kshs.500/- to be deposited in RVIST A/C Nakuru Branch at either Kenya Commercial Bank 1101786221 or Co-operative Bank of Kenya 01129087643400. Deposits may be made at any branch country wide. Include your mobile number in your application letter.  Accommodation is limited and only available at the Main Campus.