Business Studies

Head of Department

Joseph Keraro

The Business Studies Department focuses on all aspects of the business profession, including accounting, economics, banking, entrepreneurship and marketing. The Department provides a framework for building a successful career in the private, public or the nonprofit sector.

Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder or launch the next successful business as a bold entrepreneur, RVIST is where you need to be; here, You’ll develop proficiency in a broad range of technical and professional skills sought by employers; learn how to excel in a global business environment, and study in an environment that values ethical and socially responsible business practice.

The Business Studies department offers various courses at Higher National Diploma, Diploma and Certificate Levels.

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Joseph Keraro

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Courses Offered in Business Studies Department;

1Higher Diploma in Human Resource2 termsJanuary/ May
2Higher Diploma in Secretarial Studies6 termsJanuary/May
3Diploma in Supply Chain Management (Module I, II & III)6 Months per ModuleJanuary/ May
4Diploma in Accountancy8 termsMay / September
5Diploma in Banking and Finance8 termsMay / September
6Diploma in Business Management (Module I, II & III)6 Months per moduleJanuary/ May
7Diploma in Cooperative Management8 termsMay / September
8Diploma in Marketing8 termsMay
9Diploma in Human Resource Module 1, 11, 1116 Months per moduleJanuary/ May
10Diploma in Secretarial Studies8 termsMay  
11Craft in Secretarial Studies (Single and Group7 termsMay
12Certificate in Secretarial Studies (Modules 1& 11)1 Year per ModuleJanuary / May
14Craft in Sales and Marketing (Module 1& 11)6 months per ModuleJanuary/ May
15Craft in Supply Chain  Management (Module I & II)6 Months per ModuleJanuary/ May
17Craft in Banking and Finance7 termsJanuary / May
18Craft in Business Management (Module I & II)6 Months per ModuleJanuary/ May
19Craft in Human Resource Management (Module 1 & 11)6 Months per ModuleJanuary/ May
20ATC I & II2 semestersJanuary / June
21CPA 1, CPA 22 semestersJanuary / June

Please apply to:

The Chief Principal RVIST P O BOX 7182 NAKURU, enclosing copies of ID card, Birth Certificate, academic certificates(Result Slip / leaving certificate)  and non refundable fee of Kshs.500/- to be deposited in RVIST A/C Nakuru Branch at either Kenya Commercial Bank 1101786221 or Co-operative Bank of Kenya 01129087643400. Deposits may be made at any branch country wide. Include your mobile number in your application letter.  Accommodation is limited and only available at the Main Campus.