Liberal Studies

Head of Department

Lucy Kandie

With an enthusiastic faculty and an intellectually diverse and stimulating curriculum, the Department of Liberal Studies is committed to providing its students with the best educational experience possible. Members in the Liberal Studies Department are outstanding teachers and scholars whose interdisciplinary work spans across fields such as Social and Cultural Studies, communication studies, Life Skills, English, Kiswahili & Ethnic studies among others.

We believe that the best education is one that is self-motivated and self-directed. Our goal is to help students explore the topics and questions that intrigue and excite them, as part of a lifelong project of developing personal awareness and worldly acumen. Accordingly, the Department is committed to giving students the opportunity to focus their studies on selected subjects of interest to them and to explore how interdisciplinary investigation can illuminate them. We invite you to join us in the exciting future that awaits you in the Department of Liberal Studies.

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Lucy Kandie

HOD Liberal Studies – Email;

Courses Offered in Liberal Studies Department;

1Certificate in Counseling Psychology5 SessionsSeptember
2Certificate in Social Work and Community Development6 termsJanuary/ May September
3Diploma in Community development and Social work (Module 1, 11, 111)2 terms  per ModuleJanuary/ May September

Please apply to:

The Chief Principal RVIST P O BOX 7182 NAKURU, enclosing copies of ID card, Birth Certificate, academic certificates(Result Slip / leaving certificate)  and non refundable fee of Kshs.500/- to be deposited in RVIST A/C Nakuru Branch at either Kenya Commercial Bank 1101786221 or Co-operative Bank of Kenya 01129087643400. Deposits may be made at any branch country wide. Include your mobile number in your application letter.  Accommodation is limited and only available at the Main Campus.