Finance Officer

The finance function is central to any organization. The strength or weakness of the finance function will mean the difference between failure and success of any entity. The department is charged with the responsibility of designing and implementing sound and effective systems for the management of the institute resources. During the last few years the department has undertaken various developments in order to address challenges with regard to efficiency in service delivery:-

  1. Recruitment and training of staff in professional competence.
  2. In liaison with ICT department, developed the Management Information System for student accounts management and budgetary control.
  3. Participated in tandem with other departments/units of the institution in development of strategic plans, performance contracts, ISO quality management system and service delivery instruments which are guiding the Institution to achieve its Vision and Mission.
  4. Embarked on income generating activities – The Production Unit
  5. The department has managed to meet the targets set in compliance with statutory obligations/requirements during this period.

In conclusion, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the RVIST Management and all members of staff in the department for the support they have accorded me during this period, and look forward for the same in the future.  I am optimistic that with your support and the team spirit we have built, we shall realize our vision.

God Bless

Susan Koech

Finance Officer